The story of Talkin' SaaSy

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How it all began

Ross Andrews was the co-founder of, a bootstrapped B2B SaaS company that was acquired by SaaSWorks in 2019. Ross also led the formation of The Worcester Founders, which was a group of nearly 20 early-stage startups operating in the Central Mass ecosystem. His love for startups and helping them is what led his to start Talkin' SaaSy.


"One of the pleasantest things about book writing is that sometimes it brings one in touch with old friends"

- Rachel Field
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Talkin' SaaSy was started to be a resource for other early-stage founders to come and learn and share about SaaS Metrics, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising and Venture Capital, Startup Trends, and other topics related to the tech/startup community.

We hope you find our site and its content a resource and value-add on your entrepreneurial journey and we are always looking to connect with, support and highlight founders and their project so don't be shy about reaching out and getting involved in the community! We all can talk a little SaaSy!

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