MassChallenge 2020 Finals

Written by
Ross Andrewsarrow icon

MassChallenge 2020 Finals

Written by
Ross Andrews

An exciting update! I have been accepted as a Mentor and Judge for MassChallenge starting with their 2021 cohort. For those of you who aren’t familiar, MassChallenge is a global startup incubator and accelerator that is headquartered in Boston, MA. I look forward to helping their future cohort but in the meantime, you can see the Finals of their 2020 programs this Thursday (link here). I wanted to highlight a few of the finalists that I am excited to see moving forward.

B2B Pay

B2B Pay is a virtual business bank that specializes in firms that conduct businesses globally. Their platform helps take the complexity out of paying international vendors, collecting payments from overseas customers and converting currencies at a better rate than traditional banks.

As our economy becomes more and more globally connected, the ability to provide businesses with the tools to conduct international financial transactions is only going to increase. B2B Pay also offers international payroll service which could become a crucially important service in our increasing remote working world. B2B Pay could be a prime target for an emerging neobank or a more traditional bank looking to offer their clients a suite of global transaction services.


The future of manufacturing is efficiency. The ability for manufacturers to understand the operation of their factories and correct issues and inefficiencies will help manufacturing businesses to drive efficiency and keep their manufacturing lines up and operational as much as possible.

Industrial ML provides manufacturers with a suite of tools to help monitor their production lines and spot inefficiencies and issues that could cause delays or down time. Their platform is built to take data from a different sources and systems in different parts of the assembly line and combine them into a full 360-degree view of your operation. For most manufacturers the ability to gather, unify and visualize data from across their entire facility has been the major barrier to a solution such as IndustrialML’s


Mortgage origination is a cumbersome and outdated process. RealKey is here to fix that. With years of mortgage origination experience under his belt, RealKey Founder Christopher Hussain, is looking to take the pain and wasted time out of the process.

The RealKey platform is built to help facilitate the document gathering process that is necessary for loan approval. Combining a smooth user experience with intelligence to help automate and save time along the process, their mission is to make mortgage approval a breeze. There is a tremendous opportunity here to help bridge the gap between consumers and banks. Banks have traditionally been slow to implement the infrastructure necessary to gather consumer information to make lending decisions. RealKey could be the bridge to helping banks get the right information to make loan approvals and for consumers to have an easy and straightforward experience.

Mi Terro

This one is a fun one and they are going to help save our planet. Mi Terro has developed a patent-pending process that can turn spoiled milk into fibers that can be used in clothing and packaging. Founder Robert Luo was visiting his uncle’s dairy farm in china when he noticed how much spoiled milk he had piled up in buckets. Not only was it a waste, but it is a financial detriment to dairy farmers like his uncle and many others.

Robert and a lifelong friend with a background in chemistry set out to solve this problem. They developed their patent-pending procedure to activate the casein proteins that are abundant in spoiled milk and turn them into fibers. Not only is Mi Terro’s fiber eco-friendly and sustainable, but they are helping farmers better monetize against what might otherwise be wasted product and profit.

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